An Update

Good day, Internet! 

If I may direct your attention to the date of this post and that of the previous one. You will note, that there was an extended absence of posts. Needless to say, a lot has happened in my life since then.

Firstly, I have changed jobs. I completed the interviews perhaps mid-way through June. Then I completed my final two weeks, and started in early July with my new company. less than a week after starting, my son was born!

I then proceeded to take the remainder of the week to be with my family. And any parents among you will know immediately what that means. To cut to the chase, it has been like trying to ride the whirlwind since then. He is super cute… when he is not exercising his substantial lungs.

Naturally, there has been very little time to collect my thoughts and record them here. That is not to say that thoughts worth sharing have not been had. I intend to record as many as possible in the near future. In the mean time, until I can get a more normal cadence, I am planning a slightly different format.

In the next couple of weeks, I plan to be posting a digest of interesting articles and resources that I happen upon during my work. I will include some basic summaries and perhaps offer my thoughts on the implications. These will likely be posted at half my usual rate, so once every two weeks.

And that should about close it up for this update. Thank you for your patience and of course for your viewership. I hope that the content will provide both interest and value for your time.





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