Journeyman's Digest

Journeyman’s Digest

Issue 00

This Issue’s Highlight

Hacker News – Hacker News is a service similar to Reddit. As I understand it, there is a community which submits links to various recent news, and then by a voting system the best finds rise to the top 30 entries on the list. Through this community, I have found many great articles, including many which I am including here. I strongly encourage you to check it out!

The Goods

Some advise for new managers – This is a short management snippet for new managers. It regards how to advise and discuss the contribution of your employees. I could summarize it in one line, but I think the effect is best if read in full.

Ranks of popular programming languages as of June – In June, the kind posters over at RedMonk took the time to analyze the contributes and discussions in GitHub and on Stack Overflow to determine how various popular languages are doing in terms of use. The big five this time include Javascript, Python and C#. Be sure to check the list out for more details on their methods and to find where your favorite language ranks!

A JSON coding horror story – A young developer gets hired on to a new company. His experience starts as any new job does, learning the new systems and trying to understand the code. But as our hero learns more, a growing horror begins to loom. Will he escape it’s clutches? Or will the code claim another victim? Look here to find out!

A Discussion of TDD – This is a forum thread discussion of TDD, started by a frustrated programmer trying to convince his company to adopt a better practice. The original poster asks for specific reasons and explanations for why his company should do TDD. There are the normal responses about making the software more stable, and more robust. One response in particular stood out to me, as it described instead how to explain these values to a Manager, in terms of time saved and money saved/spent. It is overall an insightful discussion for anyone in a similar situation.

The dark-side of UI patterns – This is an hour-or-so talk about the dark UI patterns that can be seen all over the web. They do make money, but they are predatory, generally immoral, and in some cases possibly illegal. The speaker describes many of the type of patterns which are employed. But he goes a step further and offers an explanation for why the patterns arise in the first place. As always it comes down to money. He then concludes with ways that the industry could help to dissuade and possible eliminate the use of these dark patterns.

This Issue’s Curiosity

Uber migrates to MySQL – This weeks curiosity regards Uber’s move from Postgres to MySQL. I wasn’t able to dedicate as much time to looking into this article as I would have liked, but the first third or so was full of interesting technical discussion. I hope you will enjoy it too!


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