Journeyman's Digest

Journeyman’s Digest 01

Issue 01

This Issue’s Highlight

The Steak-dinner clause – Imagine you are in a tense business negotiation. You’ve been at this all-day and no one is willing to budge on who has to pay a fee. As you close for the day, you realize that if you don’t resolve this issue tomorrow, there won’t be any agreement. This was the author’s situation when he happened upon a brilliant way to handle the disagreement. Moreover, their resolution not only helps get the contract through, it also brings the two companies together over time, creating a very strong business relationship!

The Goods

The Tales of a White-Hat – A White-hat finds a massive security hole in the popular image sharing service, Imgur. This is his story about how Imgur’s bug bounty program worked, and his journey with them to make the service and the compensation for finding such bugs better. Bonus Link: HackerOne , the Bug bounty board mentioned by the author.

Log Structured Merge Trees – This article describes the basic working of a Log Structured Merge Tree, which is a happy middle ground between Journal/Log and Fixed Index ( like Hash Table) data storage. It is intended to provide good write and read speed, by balancing the concerns and attempting to improve the linearity of the Read operation.

Knowledge-sharing Architect – What is the Architect’s job? Should they be responsible for implementing the core framework, only to be pulled into another project in the starting stages? Or should they be mentors, mental-giants who slowly educate their team on the intricacies of the current application, so that nothing in the big-picture gets ignored? This article discusses the common arguments regarding the Architect’s role, and proposes an alternative which I believe solved the existing problems in a more feasible and sustainable way.

Ubuntu has gone mobile – Ubuntu has apparently released a new phone! It’s price is comparable to the average smartphone, but it comes with some interesting features. This review goes over the various software changes, and capabilities. Personally, if and when the UbuntuPhone comes to the US I may consider purchasing one.

Scythe – Most-Hyped board game of 2016? – ArsTechnica loves it’s boardgames! And they have been drooling over a new game called Scythe for most of the year. It was recently release, and their review is glowing. I think the game sounds excellent and totally worth the rather high-price tag. Check it out and see what you think!


This Issue’s Curiosity

Free Reverse Engineering Textbook -The kind Mr. Yurichev has compiled his notes and his method for reverse engineering software. I was only able to read a small fraction of his material, but a college course based on his work would be thoroughly interesting! Please feel free to poke around his free textbook!


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