Journeyman's Digest

Journeyman’s Digest 03

Issue 03

This Issue’s Highlight

A Man’s Letter to his daughter about young men – I cannot even begin to describe the affect this article had on me when I first read it. I strongly recommend it. It is thought-provoking, and emotionally challenging. It touched something in me, and it forced me to pause during my day and reflect. One of the more powerful quotes from the post: “Meekness is strength wrapped in humility, my dear daughter. It is strength under control in a world where so many are out of control.” I encourage you to read, and to have this experience as well!

A Guide on How To Read – On a more practical note, this is a small booklet from the University of Michigan School of Information. It was intended to help Grad students learn to read vast volumes of information. Personally I wished that I had found during my undergraduate degree. It would have helped with the engineering textbooks.

The Goods

On Naming Languages, or Con-Langs – All-Hail the inner nerd! This article is a very nice walk-through for creating a naming language. In this particular context, the author was creating a Name generator for a role-playing world. He wanted the names to sound reasonable, and so walks through the various rules and complexities of a language. It’s a very enjoyable read!

On reasonable world Terrain – Another post by the author of the Con-Lang article. This one focuses on reasonably generating a worlds terrain. Discussions of reasonable height-maps, erosion, and even city-placement. He even discusses the appropriate power of 2 to use when generating the height map. Again an interesting article.

A short evangilization of soldering – A short article from a Maker who learned the need to solder. Because his child’s nightlight, previously powered by a Amazon button, burned out. I hope you enjoy the read!

A discussion of common pitfall with Microservices – This is kind of a sponsored article ( not that I am paid, but that the author is kind of pushing a particular solution). However ti does offer some interesting discussion, and especially for a neophyte to Microservices, I found that discussion informative. Generally the pitfalls that he mentions are distributed logging, the difficult of debugging in a distributed environment, and cascade failures when a system dependency fails.

An off-the-grid office space – This guy build a little shed in his back-yard into an off-the-grid work-space. I personally think it’s pretty cool, particularly for the off-the-grid part. I also think said office would be a bit hot, but still a cool idea.

A software engineers hack of business negotiations – Now as a disclaimer, I cannot vouch for the recommended sales tactic. But in a conceptual sense, the author of this article has some good points. He describes a method to build the trust of prospective clients, in a way that only an engineering mind could be comfortable with.


This Issue’s Curiosity

An Anti-mediocrity Manifesto – An interesting idea for software developers. It’s something like the Agile manifesto or the Reactive Manifesto, but focuses instead on keeping the developer from slipping into mediocre patterns.

The thorny relationship between Science and Philosophy – This article from Ars Technica, focuses on , as the title suggests the relationship between philosophy and science. At it’s root it is about how we know what we know, and whether we can trust that knowledge.


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