Journeyman's Digest

Journeyman’s Digest 05

Issue 05

This Issue’s Highlight

Plasma Air Control – It would appear that the next advance in flight technology may be on the horizon. By manipulating the placement of plasma along a wing’s edge, a team of researchers have fine-tuned the flow of air over the wing. This leads to improved efficiency and several other very promising possibilities!

How long can you stop the cheaters? Apparently, 4 days… – Back in August, Niantec put in place some anti-cheat measures in Pokemon Go. This was to stop cheaters from running various bots that would rapidly level you character for you. In the end, this change really only stopped the bot creators for about 4 days. This Ars Technica article discusses more of the happening related to combating the anti-cheating fix.

The Goods

A new component for Data Storage – Researches have learned the basics for controlling a new component  as a storage media. These Bose-Einstein Condensates, are an amalgam of particles, which can carry information in both the polarity of their photon, and in the spin of their exiton. This new technology could provide a bridge between voltage based and optical circuitry.

Additional controllable properties of Black Phosphorus found  – Black Phosphorous has shown some potential as the next Silicon. Recently some researches with Case Western have discovered another controllable property of Black Phosphorous which may unlock additional potential of this martial!

Vehicle Security Hack  – As it turns out that little key-dangle remote for your Volkwagen might not be very secure. With some minor snooping on a different remote, an Arduino could be used to spoof the signals necessary to cause the Volkwagen to open. Apparently, there was only a few ‘keys’ used by these remotes.

An anti-pattern for Stand-ups – Don’t get me wrong, a stand-up, done right can be great. It keeps everyone up-to-date, and in the know. If people are engaged, then the knowledge necessary to solve a road-block can easily be identified. If this happens, the stand-up, far from interrupting work, actually improves the speed at which work can be done! But even a good tool, if used improperly can be more a burden. This post discusses some of the way a stand-up can go awry.

This Issue’s Curiosity

A Discussion of some bad habits science has gotten into – Science is great! It’s how we know what we know, and more over its how we can learn! But even such a technology as the scientific method has flaws. Namely, humans are the ones that have to execute it. As a result, this system can come down with some unfortunate habits. This post offers some insight on a few of these, and is worth a read.

Emojis: The Growing-pains of a language – Emojis, a language? Actually, if you think about it, Emojis are basically a newly formed written language. But as with all growing languages, new symbols and their means mean that not everyone will use the same symbols for the same meaning. To complicate matters, since Emojis are rather technology based, the emojis available with Android and iPhone are diverging. This article offer some interesting perspective on that branching.


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