Work Experience Education

Daniel has been interested in computers since a young age, even building them from parts with his father. Since then he has done a little of everything from replacing the CPU in his laptop to programming a semi-autonomous quad-copter. He pursued his passion for robotics and computers as an Electrical Engineer in college. Oddly, when he looked he found his first software development internship because of a mod he had written in his spare time for the computer game, Minecraft.

He started working full-time as an Associate Software Engineer in early December 2014. Later that same month he graduated Magna Cum Laude, and the very next day he married the love of his life. Since then he has been Promoted to Software Engineer, a little over one year after starting!

Then in the Summer of 2016, He received a welcome job offer with a Remote Healthcare company, and gladly accepted the position. Shortly after starting, his son was born, and Daniel couldn’t be more pleased! After taking a week with his family, he was back on the job.

Being a software engineer, a recent engineering graduate, and an advocate for education, he is available for workshops, volunteering opportunities or work opportunities. Please feel free to contact him for further details.

He can be contacted at:

daniel.j.scheufler@gmail.com or (713)-751-9849

You can also find him on LinkedIn and Github!