B.S. Electrical Engineering – University of Houston

with a Focus on Computers

Graduated Dec 2014  – Magna Cum Laude

During my studies I had the opportunity to learn basic Digital Signal processing. I was able to apply the understanding of discrete time mathematics gains from DSP while learning the theory behind Telecommunication encoding and protocols. Among my favorite class projects involved writing control protocols in Assembly and Robot-C for a micro-controller robot. With this experience, I capped off my studies by designing and beginning the implementation of an Autonomous Quadrocopter for Geometric mapping of GPS-denied environments.

Since entering the workforce I have continued my education through several means. In addition to reading books such as Peopleware, and 12 Essential Skills for Software Architects, I have taken a number of Pluralsight course. Since Pluralsight offers a reasonable evaluation of a Software Engineer’s mastery of a particular language, I have decided to add a selection of my evaluations from Pluralsight.