My blog has moved!

Please visit daniel.scheufler.io for my latest posts!

I am a Senior Consultant with Improving Houston. I have developed software for Oil and Gas, Tele-medicine and recently ECommerce clients. I work mostly in C#, but have recently added React and NodeJS to my toolbelt.

Of late, I have begun to focus on the communication aspects of my work. It is a common gag in Industry that Developers don’t speak the same language as ‘normals’. I intend to bridge that gap.

In an effort to capture my experience, and to help others I write a blog with interesting discussions on development as a practice, as well as some nutz-and-bolts topics. Additionally I am developing talks on White-boarding, a feared Interview practice, which I happen to enjoy.

If you are interested I can be reach on LinkedIn, Github, or via email for speaking engagements, hackathons, pro bono work for nonprofits, or Lunch-and-Learns.